Mandarin Garden Apartment Hanoi

Mandarin Garden Apartment Hanoi is located on Hoang Minh Giam road, the urban population of the Southcast Tran Duy Hung street, Trung Hoa Nhan Chinh area, Le Van Luong road. Mandarin Garden is truly an ideal location for those who want a luxury apartment. Mandarin Garden offers 02, 03 bedroom furnished or semi furnished apartments and Duplex apartment. The price ranges from 800 USD up to 2000 USD per month. Mandarin Garden Apartment Hanoi have from 2-3 bedrooms: from 114.2m2 - 172.2m2 Duplex (Duplex), which includes 4 bedrooms, from 266.7m2 area - 324m2 Luxury Penthouse area from 371m2 - 449m2 In addition to the main bedroom, the apartment has extra room maid and multipurpose room used for many purposes such as reading rooms, classrooms for children, small bedroom or spare room ... depending on demand use of each family. Interior space designed by Finenco Architects (Italy) with the idea of ​​separate quiet space for the bedroom area and common living space for living room and kitchen area. The function room of the apartment is divided logically efficient use of space and design with opening sides and windows to enjoy natural light and air circulation.

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