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  • 458 Minh Khai, Hai Ba Trung Dist., Ha Noi
  • Tel: 84-4-3974 3556
  • Fax: 84-4-3974 3557
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Hotline:04 – 3974 3558

Vinmec International Hospital Hanoi is located at 458 Minh Khai Street – Hai Ba Trung District – Ha Noi, covering a total area of 24,670 sqm with numerous specialized departments, auxiliary centres and a high-tech park, etc., VINMEC emerges as the first international general hospital in Vietnam modelled on the international-standard Hospital Facilities (Hospital – Hotel).

With 600 closed inpatient and semi-inpatient rooms equipped with advanced facilities, VINMEC promises to provide premium healthcare in a healthy place with high-quality and world-class services. At VINMEC, patients not only enjoy comprehensive treatment and care, special facilities of the 5-star standard services but also be able to select optional examination, accommodation and nursing conditions.

Developed by Hanoi Southern City Development JSC (an affiliate of Vingroup), and partnered PwC – a world leading medical consultant for development consultancy and VK – DWP Associates for construction consultancy (of which, VK is an unparalleled hospital design consultant in Europe; DWP is a multinational design consultant), VINMEC will definitely become a reliable and strong health care brand name in the health sector and can compete with other leading hospitals in Asia.