Vincom mega mall Royal City


Be compared as a “European city” miniature, Royal City is a perfect urban complex, where you can enjoy the pleasant experience of comfort life in the green space, clean and safe.


With apartment buildings are designed by European royalty architectural style, surrounded by much open space, modern as the biggest commercial center in Vietnam, the first indoor ice rink in Vietnam, international schools, indoor water park, entertainment complex …, Royal City makes your dreams about a home, “green and smart” come true.

Location – Premier position in heart of Hanoi Capital


Space – Large space of Royal City population, with a total area of 12,945 m2

City Complex is located at the southwest gate of the Hanoi Capital (No. 72A-74 Nguyen Trai street, Thanh Xuan district), where gathers clues artery, the North-east borders To Lich River, the East borders Nguyen Trai Street, the North-west and South-west borders Thuong Dinh Ward residential. The total land area is 120,945 m2, is planning architecture in accordance with ecological criterion for green park area to 70,000 m2.

Ideas – Imperial style architecture, elegant, luxurious and romantic

Royal City is designed as a combination model of the urban complex, the point is the green park 70.000 m2. Salient features in the design of the Royal City is harmonious interference between European royalty architecture luxury, elegance and meticulous arrangements, sophisticated of amenity and modern interior chain.

Designed by Site Architecture – a reputation group of France, the idea of comfortable life, “green and smart” – a convergence of art and modern technology, will become a reality at the Royal City.

Space – Large space of Royal City population, with a total area of 12,945 m2


Royal City is intelligent connection between the luxury apartments and the combination functional works on a large area, is a miniature painting of a European city, where brings comfort life, luxury and romance.


Royal City gives you the best conditions for a comfortable and perfect life. With many projects and the first in Vietnam such as: ice rink, indoor water park, gym & spa, cinema complex, underground parking …, Royal City promises to bring a fresh space, balanced life, brings health and passion back with you.

Ice – rink


Come to the Royal City to experience the excite and cheery sensation on flimsy ice-skate in the first and largest ice rink in Vietnam. From now on, residents of tropical country can enjoy the joy which is only natural preference for Frigid zone.

Warter Park


For the first time in Vietnam, residents at the Royal City and visitors can enjoy the tropical atmosphere during four seasons with the indoor water park. Water park has a total area up to 6.000m2, which is invested more modern equipment, safety and convenience for users. This will be the ideal place of each family weekend.

Gym & Spa




Gym & Spa Zone is the most modern and largest in Vietnam, combined with the sauna and swimming pool series for children, VIP swimming pools,… temperature is controlled suit four seasons’ weather. Facilities are not only bring you health, but also the relaxed mood.



Complex of modern cinema, international standards, with many highend theater (2D, 3D, 4D …) will give you the really impressive relaxing moments. Where introduce you the latest film in Vietnam and the world, where you live with every character in every story on the screen.

Food village


Over 60 restaurants with extensive menu and server is professional, ideal space for your family enjoy the essence cuisine of all regions in the country and five continents. You will actually be persuaded when you enter the diversity culinary world, safety and originality of Royal City.



Indoor amusement park is near 30.000m2 wide, is where you prove your talent by exciting games, bowling, at the same time to bring your child the opportunity to develop life skills, help them become the owner of the stock of useful knowledge in the “fairy garden” and “educational play park.”

Green park


Green park is near 70.000m2 large was designed and distributed reasonable at the Royal City, to bring residents an open space, clean and peaceful. The heart of Hanoi, a housing project is built and developed according to the criteria of ecological architecture, protecting the environment, and bring the benefit of community life.



The largest underground parking in Vietnam is built at the Royal City with modern management system, apply intelligent technology. Basements ensure enough space to keep a large amount of vehicles of residents and visitors, contributed to solve the overload traffic static of the Hanoi Capital.

The team

Royal City is performed by a team of experienced professionals in real estate investment, landscape design, architecture and urban construction…