Japanese cuisine has become increasingly popular and been loved by Vietnamese people because of the sophistication, diversity, food safety and good for health.

Shinbashi Japanese Restaurant is where you can fully feel the essence of Japanese cuisine and culture. Located in Trieu Viet Vuong, a bustling busy street in the heart of Hanoi, Shinbashi restaurant really highlighted by the unique and harmonious combination of the characteristics of Japanese, which are wood and stone and Vietnam’s nature which are green grass and white stones. This combination aims to provide a feeling of coziness and completely relaxed when you come to this restaurant. “Shinbashi” – new bridge – the bridge of friendship – is a place for cultural exchange locally and internationally, where you can enjoy Art and Japanese cuisine – the Essence of Heaven.

You want to have a cozy meal with family, friends or important guests? Shinbashi can meet all perfectly.

The first floor is where customers can freely choose their own fresh sushi, sashimi to enjoy while you can warm up your soul by witnessing the skilful chefs who directly perform food cooking processes at the Teppanyaki counter with their stylized art. At the same time they can enjoy the artful stone sculptures shown in red-leaved wood garden.

The second floor is the space for luxurious VIP rooms which are spacious, decorated in sophisticated dining tables with different sitting styles and natural wooden seats make you feel cozy, friendly but elegant, which can serve from 4 to 60 people at the same time.

Moreover, on the third floor there are beautiful rooms with traditional Japanese sitting style with gentle and wild paintings on the wall. Especially the third floor’s Event Ballroom has a unique scallop-shaped stage, together with prominent art installation of the room which is decorated by the bas-relief, natural wood and light magic. You can have informal meetings, enjoying the delicious and nutritious food and enjoy beautiful views of the old Hanoi quarter or Japanese dry garden through the creative windows. This Event ballroom has been used for meetings, birthday parties and class reunions up to 50 people, with the modern sound, light and a projector with transparent screen in an efficient and cozy manner. Shinbashi also has simultaneous interpretation service (English-Vietnamese, Vietnamese-English) if booked in advance, with a perfect quality for domestic and international conferences.

To bring customers the purity and unique dishes of Japanese cuisine, the Shinbashi menu is built with about 300 rich, diverse dishes with perfect quality from selecting international quality fresh materials to a meticulous process to layout Japanese cuisine, which make you feel right away the flavor of the dishes though not yet tasted. Once enjoying it, the customers will never forget the taste of Japanese dishes featured here such as all kinds of Sashimi, Sushi including Sturgeon-egg-Sushi, Shrimp Sushi, Salmon Sushi and many kinds of Tempura. In addition, there are special dishes like Grilled Haddock, Wagyu beef, Spanish wild Boar Leg, Mitre baked Shrimp, Tuna eyes cooked with star fruits etc. Moreover, in

addition to the typical dishes of Japanese cuisine, Shinbashi also has a number of special dishes such as Shinbashi Abalone, French Goose Liver – one of the world’s most expensive dishes to satisfy the gourmets.

Come to Shinbashi, you can, not only enjoy exquisite Japanese cuisine, but also be immersed in the creative arts space represented by the entire wood and natural stone in a very unique style. Architectural space full of culture and wisdom shown by the artwork of the restaurant owner – a talented artist, a very senior painter/lecturer in the village of Vietnamese architecture. The stone sculptures, stone bridge and the bas-relief bronze blades next to the tables and chairs made of several hundred year old woods, the paintings on the wall next to the famous Japanese poems, the author has a very dedicated intellectual investment and whole hearted effort into this project as his Shinbashi art work, not just simple a restaurant.

On the occasion of welcoming the New Year, Shinbashi has many programs, special offers and attractive gifts for all the guests to thank the customers for supporting Shinbashi during the past year. Looking forwards to welcoming you to Shinbashi to enjoy this art work.


Giờ mở/đóng cửa: Sáng từ 10h – 14h, chiều từ 17h – 22h

Địa chỉ : 65 Triệu Việt Vương – Hà Nội

Điện thoại: 04 3944 9339 / Hotline: 0908 33 6565

Email: shinbashi@shinbashi.com.vn