As professional housing agent, we at Vietnam Housing understand that finding a suitable rental property in the area of  Hanoi is a stressful but most of all a time consuming aspect.
We at Vietnam Housing are specialized in both furnished and unfurnished properties (Expat Rentals). We have established a long lasting relation with both property owners and third party providers that are involved when relocating. We are proud to say that we not only provide you with a suitable home away from home, but also facilitate local information and guidance. Including additional services like school search, connecting to utility providers, internet and tv or opening a bank account. As The Real Estate Company of your preference we know how to be of assistance.

Our professional agents are pleased to welcome you and are happy to plan viewings in order for you to have a good understanding of the market. Viewings can be planned on workdays and weekend from 9am till 8pm (by appointment only).
As a service we prefer to pick you up from your hotel or working location to save time and ensure a seamless house search.

As Vietnam Housing Center in Hanoi, we offer both our private and business customers (corporate housing) a fixed address for housing. In short;

Expat Rentals
Housing furnished and / or unfurnished homes for private individuals for the duration of 6 months or longer. Including additional relocation services where needed.

Coporate Housing
Accommodation of employees on behalf of companies and organizations including any additional relocation services for periods of 6 months or longer.

Short Stay Apartments
Housing for the short duration for periods from 1 week to 1 month including cleaning and housing costs. Prices are per night and are usually about 25% lower compared to a hotel of equivalent level. Ideal for commuters, business travelers or consultant in a need for temporary housing.

Extended Stay Housing
Many companies are faced with a steady stream of consultants, temporary staff and project professionals for the duration of  1 month to 6 months. For those companies Vietnam Housing offers a new housing concept; Extended Stay Housing.
We provide, at our own risk and account, fully furnished apartments in various business centers of The Hague whereby we take over all the hassle. No worries about expiring contracts, maintenance, furniture or utility applications.
You hire us for the duration of the project – whether or not continuous – an all-inclusive property. We provide the check in / out, cleaning and ensure that any additional housing costs such as TV, Internet and utilities are taken care of. All based on a monthly invoice without further hassle.

It would be our pleasure to be of service for all your housing requirements.

Rental Procedure
To find the suitable property we would be pleased to guide you with care, enthusiasm and professionalism. Vietnam Housing also provides home searching for non- expats
When the suitable property is found:

1. Confirmation

When a property – via Vietnam Housing –  has been found we will ask you for your acceptance of the property. This is often through a confirmation form which shall also state all agreed conditions where due. You can also email us for the same if convenient.

We remind you that when your confirmation or offer is accepted by the landlord, he or she can keep you to it. Even when the not yet ratified by a formal tenancy agreement. Submitting a bid or written confirmation is binding when accepted.

2. Accreditation

In the context of the duty of care we shall screen both your personal and  financial background. We do this not only for the owner but also in your interest to protect against to high housing costs. After your confirmation, we ask you for the following documents;

  •     Copy of identity proof
  •     Copy employment contract
  •     Employer’s Statement
  •     Copy of your last three pay slips

Without these documents or a similar guarantee – for example, by a parent, guardian or company – we cannot draw the tenancy agreement.
3. Contract & Payments

Upon receipt of all the documents we shall draw the contract and set up for signing. This may be carried out at our office so we can discuss and explain all clauses. After signing weyou shall be issues a proper invoice for the first month of rent, the deposit.

4. Check in – / Out & Support

After the contract is signed and the payments are received by Vietnam Housing, we will check you in to the property. We will objectively state the condition of the property including any damage or defects. A copy will be with you within 7 days after check in via email.

During the entire rental period we remain happy to service you and be of assistance. Any maintenance issues, breakdowns and repairs however need to be settled with the lessor. Only when Vietnam Housing is assigned as Property Manager – and as such is included in the tenancy agreement – we will provide the further handling of such matters. We would of course support in case of emergency, disagreement or if the landlord is unreachable.

When you are leaving the house, we will take care of the check out. During the inspection, usually two weeks before the official check out, we together with the lessor shall address any damages and defects to be of your account. At the official check out these should be settled by you as lessee or as physical occupant. If for whatever reason liability issues have not been settled at check out, lessor shall take care of this and settle any costs with your deposit for which the remainder is due 30 days after check out.

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