Workshop for Rent in Hai Phong – Land for Sale in Hai Phong

Workshop for Rent in Hai Phong – Land for Sale in Hai Phong
TT. Cát Hải, Cát Hải, Hải Phòng, Việt Nam
For Rent, For Sale $5.0 /Sq. M/Month - Industrials
1350 sqm, 2700sqm, 4350sqm, and 5400sqm 2018 Year Built

Workshop for Rent in Hai Phong – Land for Sale in Hai Phong

Warehouse/Factory/Workshop for rent in DEPPC Industrial Park – Hai Phong Province, area 1350sqm, 2700sqm, 4350sqm, and 5400sqm, the rent 5$/month.

Modern workshops and warehouses for rental or lease with:

  • Flexible sizes, workshops, factories and warehouses are available in units of 1350sqm, 2700sqm, 4350sqm, and 5400sqm, with the option of leasing more than one unit;
  • Reinforced concrete floor, 2.5mT/sqm;
  • Steel structure;
  • Modern closed building;
  • Standard office;
  • Full range of utilities: power, water, lighting, waste water treatment facilities, ventilation,…

Fully compensated land

  • Each plot of land is hydraulically filled with sand in accordance with the Master Plan
  • The land is levelled within a range of ±15cm to the level of the Master Plan
  • Marked with cornerstones in accordance with the land survey
  • Utilities connections are provided close to the border of the land plot.

DEEP C Industrial Zones is located adjacent to the new Haiphong International Gateway Port (Lach Huyen Deep Sea Port), Cat Bi International Airport, and North Vietnam Coastal Expressway. At the very centre of North’s Vietnam infrastructure developments, we offer our tenants industrial land and ready-built warehouse, workshop for lease, integrated with reliable utilities provision and supporting services.

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