Pho Noi Industrial Park Factories for Lease

Pho Noi Industrial Park Factories for Lease
Phố Nối A, tt. Bần Yên Nhân, Văn Lâm, Hưng Yên, Vietnam
For Rent $2.9 /m2/Month - Industrials

Pho Noi Industrial Park Factories for Lease

I, Factories Information:

1.1. Area

– Factory No.4: 4.472 m2. (completed construction)
– Factory No.5: 3.176m2 (Being in construction)
– Factory No.6: 2.000 m2 (Being in construction)

1.2. Location: Pho Boi industrial Park, Di Su commune, My Hao district, Hung Yen province.

1.3. Infrastructure:

–Concrete components floor, zamil frame, roof & wall made from metal, etc.

– Standard fire protection system Hệ thống phòng cháy chữa cháy tiêu chuẩn.

II. Leasing price and Payment method:
2.1.Leasing price:

– Price 2.9$/m2/month (without VAT)
– Security Deposit: 12 months rental fee

2.2. Leasing term: Minimum 05 years
2.3. Payment method:
– Monthly payment within the first 05 days of each payment term.
– Security deposit:  Paying within 05 days after signing the contract.

III. Other charges:
3.1. Infrastructure management fee: Free
3.2. Other:
– Electricity: Sign the contract and pay for Hung Yen Electricity company follow the price of EVN. The tenant will work with EVN to install the power station.

– Water supplier and wastewater treatment: The tenant will sign a contract with Pho Noi Industrial Park’s Management.

IV. Incentives policy
– Business income tax: Free for 02 first year, discount 50% for the next 04 years.

–Provided documents for applying for an Investment certificate and open business.


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