Hoa Mac Industrial Park – Ha Nam Province

Hoa Mac Industrial Park – Ha Nam Province
Duy Tiên District, Ha Nam province, Vietnam
For Sale Call for Price - Industrials
10,000 Sq.M to 100,000 Sq.M 2007 Year Built 203 Hectares


  • Hoa Mac Industrial park is directly under Hoa Phat Urban Development & Construction JSC – A member of Hoa Phat Group which is one of Viet Nam top private-owned corporations on industrial manufacture. Starting as a construction machinery trading company in August 1992, Hoa Phat Group now has become a multidisciplinary corporation with many fields: industrial production, consumer goods production, and real estate investment. In 2007, Hoa Phat Group officially listed its shares on the Vietnam stock market with stock code “HPG”.
  • Until March 2014, Hoa Phat Group has 13 members, in which Hoa Phat Urban Development & Construction JSC is a company specializing in the field of real estate investment & business

II, Convenient traffic location

  • Location of Hoa Mac industrial park: on Highway No.38 – Hoa Mac town, Duy Tien district, Hanam Province, 45 km far from the center of Ha Noi capital
  • Distance from Hoa Mac to:
    • Highway 1A: 8 km
    • Dong Van train station(North-South railway): 8 km
    • Noi Bai International Airport: 75 km
    • Hai Phong International Seaport: 100 km

Very convenient for import-export activities and transporting goods of factories in the industrial park.

III, Comprehensive and modern technical infrastructure

  • Internal traffic:
    • Internal road system with a cross-section from 21.25 m to 45 m, road-bed from 11.25 m to 22.5 m ensures the easy circulation of the 40-feet containers and other vehicles.
    • The lighting system is equipped alongside the roads to ensure safe traffic for vehicles.
  • ​Power supply:
    • Electricity power is supplied sufficiently and stably through the transformer station of 110/35KV with a capacity of 100 MVA which is 4 km far from the industrial park.
    • The Power network is installed alongside internal traffic roads in the Industrial Park as per 35KV aerial wireline which is very convenient for the connection of factories…
  • Water supply and drainage:
    • Moc Nam water plant (3 km far from the Industrial Park) with a designed capacity of 30,000 m3/day-night  (in the 1st phase: 4.000 m3/ day-night) ensures to satisfy IP enterprises’ demand on clean water.
    • The drainage system of the industrial park is built into 2 separate systems:
      • The rainwater drainage system: Rainwater is collected into the sewage system and discharged to the Cau Giat canal and then to the Red River.
      • The wastewater drainage system: Wastewater is collected into the Wastewater treatment plant of the Industrial Park.
  • Wastewater treatment:
    • The wastewater treatment plant is built with a total capacity of 5,000 m3/ day-night using a biological treatment system.
    • Wastewater must be processed internally at factories before discharging into the common wastewater drainage system of the Industrial Park.
  • Waste collection and transportation: Industrial park provides enterprises with waste collection service and transports to other places for treatment in accordance with applicable laws…
  • Fire protection: Hoa Mac industrial park is nearly 7 km far from the fire station and equipped with a fire-hose system alongside internal roads of the Industrial park.
  • Landscape and verdure: About 20% of the total development area will be for verdure and landscape. In addition, trees on the roadside and in factories will also make fresh air and a healthy environment for the industrial park.

IV, High quality and abundant human resources

  • At the time being, the population of Ha Nam is about 80,000 people, of which working age is accounted for 50,000. This is the local human resource satisfying labor recruitment of enterprises in the industrial park. Simultaneously, a local system of training schools such as Hanoi University of Industry – Hanam branch, Ha Hoa Tien University, Ha Nam Vocational College, Ly Nhan Vocational Training and Job Introducing Centers, etc. also meet the demand of technical labors of factories at Ha Nam province.
  • Besides, the human resources from Hà Nội capital shall be a considerable supplement for the demand for high-quality labors in Hoa Mặc industrial park

V, Other facilities

  • Custom: the custom station is planned to be placed at the Management Centre of Hoa Mac Industrial park in order to settle custom procedures for enterprises easily and quickly.
  • The banking system is only 1 km far from Hoa Mac Industrial park, so that is very convenient for the transaction of enterprises. ATMs are also located at the Industrial park to meet the worker’s demand for cash withdrawal by ATM cards
  • Accommodation for laborers: Surrounding residential areas have been planned to build inside New Urban Area such as Cau Giat and other resettlement areas (In accordance with Dong Van – Yen Lenh urban chain planning). These residential areas shall meet demands on accommodation of labor working in the Industrial Park.
  • Duy Tien Health Care Center and Hung Yen General Hospital (4 kilometers far from the Industrial Park) shall meet labor’s demand for medical examination and treatment.
  • Two-way bus system from Ha Noi to Hoa Mac runs from 5 am to 8 pm with an operating frequency of 20 minutes/time

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