Bim Son A Industrial Park – Thanh Hoa Province

Bim Son A Industrial Park – Thanh Hoa Province
For Sale $48.0 ++/Sq.M - Industrials
10,000 Sq.M (Mini Area) 2013 Year Built 163 Hectares

Bim Son A Industrial Park is located in the North of Thanh Hoa City,

  • 35km from the city center, in the north of Highway 1A, near the North-South railway.
  • 120 km from Hanoi capital by
    1. Highway 1A (in circulation)
    2. Expressway route Hanoi – Cau Gie – Ninh Binh and further in 2020 the route will be: Hanoi – Cau Gie – Ninh Binh – Thanh Hoa
  • Rail: The industrial zone is near the North-South Railway

Distance to Bim Son North Zone A Industrial Park:

  • 170 km from Noi Bai International Airport
  • 74 km from local Thanh Hoa International Airport (a few limited routes approved)
  • 120 km from Hanoi capital city
  • 170 km from Hai Phong seaport
  • 90 km from local Thanh Hoa big seaport (Nghi Son seaport)
  • 40 km from FLC 5 Star golf course and resort, Sam Son beach


1. Land condition

– Elevation: 5.5 – 6 m above the sea

– Soil quality: strong soil characteristic

2. Electricity supply

– Power supply is provided continuously and stably from the high-voltage power line near the southern boundary of the industrial park.

– Power network is provided along the internal roads in the industrial park. Enterprises invest in building low-voltage stations depending on their power consumption demand.

3. Drainage system

The rainwater drainage system and wastewater system (industrial wastewater and domestic sewage) are built separately. Rainwater is collected through the drain system and drain into the rivers in the area. Wastewater is collected from the wastewater treatment plant of the zone.

4. Solid waste disposal and wastewater

All of the industrial wastewater, domestic wastewater is processed until reaching minimum standards for water level B before being discharged into the overall wastewater system of the industrial park. Then industrial parks will continue to handle to meet standards prescribed by the state government of Vietnam.

The solid wastes: enterprises in the industrial park will have to sign the contract in classifying, collection, and transportation of waste to the functional unit for classification, collection, and transportation of waste in order to transport garbage out of the industrial zone which avoids causing environmental pollution.

Clean water supply system: To be connected until the borderline of each business.

5. Internal transport systems in the industrial park:

– Reasonably designed to serve for traveling needs of the transport to each land plot in an easy and convenient way.

– Main road system-wide 36m, branch road 24m wide

– Road lighting system is installed along the routes.

6. Green-tree system: Green tree system accounts for about 10-12% of the total area of ​​the Industrial Park

7. Information system:

The telecommunication system meets international standards and always ready to meet all the communication requirements. The submarine optical cable system is directly connected to the borderline of each enterprise.

Social infrastructure and other services

Customs services: all customs procedures will be implemented in Hung Yen customs (customs office is expected to open in the industrial zone).

The banking system in the industrial zone: Maritime Bank, Vietcombank, ACB, Agribank, Techcombank….


1. Customs
Thanh Hoa Customs offices will be located in the center of the zone. All sealing procedures and customs declarations are made promptly in enterprises in the IP.

2. Bank and Financial support: Maritime Bank, Vietin Bank, BIDV, Sacombank, VP Bank, Arabian

3. Post office: postal close to the system of modern information technology to serve multi-media services such as data transmission, telephone, Internet, and conference videos…

4. Human Resource Conditions: Abundant labor force in the area around the industrial park and Bim Son North Zone A under the planning of the provincial People’s Committee, the surrounding neighborhood is planned on a large scale supported by a local recruitment agency

5. Hospital
– Bim Son Polyclinic Hospital (3km from IP)
– Thanh Hoa General Hospital (30km from IP)
– The Health centers and clinics are going to be built

6. Golf course, resort, beach: FLC golf course and resort, Sam Son beach, Hai Tien beach…


1. Building density:

The entire works of the construction “footprints” do not exceed 65% of the total area of ​​the plot. The acceptable ratio of the floor is not exceeded 200% of the total area of ​​the plot

2. Average height:

1-2 floors for the factory, 1-4 floors for office, maximum height: 14 meters.

3. Construction boundary:

The main works such as factories, offices, cafeterias, … (except for secondary works such as garage, transformer, …) must be built from the internal line boundary 6m, and from the fence of next land plot 3.5 m.

4. Height limitation: The minimum building height not exceeding 13m high vertical distance from a given background to the highest point of the roof.

5. Fence:

– The maximum height of the fence along the car road is 2.3 m

– Barriers between the lots is not higher than 2 meters and not using barbed wire

6. Firefighting systems and the lightning roads:

Land lessee layout and maintain effective fire alarm system and firefighting system for each works in the land spot.

Any construction in the plot range must be equipped with a lightning rod under appropriate design.

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