Apartment in Vinhomes Skylake Pham Hung for Rent

Apartment in Vinhomes Skylake Pham Hung for Rent
Metri, Cau Giay, Hanoi, Vietnam
For Rent $950.0 /Month - Apartment
A19082001 72 Sq. m 2 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms 1 Garage 2019 Year Built

Apartment in Vinhomes Skylake Pham Hung for Rent

Vinhomes Skylake proudly brings you the new style of modern living, for both discerning Vietnamese and expatriate residents alike. Set within luxuriously verdant, flourishing parklands, Vinhomes Skylake integrates the refreshing, relaxing hues of both the sky and the water to create a living space that feels truly blessed by nature.

Located in the heart of CauGiay district, where Pham Hung and Duong Dinh Nghe intersect, Vinhomes Skylake fronts a beautiful park and natural freshwater lake. Being adjacent to the city’s green lungs, Vinhomes Skylake benefits from 32ha of nature, including a lake, which at an area of 19ha, is approximately 1.6 times as large as Hanoi’s famous Hoan Kiem lake.

Thanks to the impeccable work of the internationally acclaimed brand and architectural consultant Aedas, coupled with Vingroup, the top real-estate investor and construction business in Vietnam, Vinhomes Skylake has attained top ranking amongst other world-class lakeside dwellings.

The 3 apartment towers comprising Vinhomes Skylake are L-shaped and have a staggered formation to utilize the maximum amount of natural light. The apartments open up to the sky and are in close proximity to nature overlooking the lake and the parklands. Each unit incorporates a utility space, allowing homeowners to create their own laundry area and plant gardens -consistent with Vietnamese living habits, whilst still benefitting from the modern facilities providedBalconies facing the lake are up to 7m2, the perfect size for mini rooftop gardens which aid in creating the relaxed atmosphere of a 5-star resort.

Not only does Vinhomes Skylake offer a breakthrough in use of space, they also provide a premium living experience, combined with both indoor and outdoor facilities all just a stone’s throw from your door.

• Available unit types: Apartment, Sky Villa, Penthouse, Shop/Office space

• Total project area: 2.3ha

•  Podium construction density: 49.82%

• Tower block construction density: 26.49%

• 03 basement levels

• 03 service and shopping levels

• Construction is projected to be completed in Q2 / 2019

The park and lake are projected to be completed in Q3 / 2018

• Design consultant: AEDAS

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