Named after the proud beauty belonged to The Land of Rising Sun’s culture, Kimono restaurant- located at 52-54 Ly Thuong Kiet street , is a favorite address for people who love the art of Japanese cuisine.

At the very first days, we have positioned ourselves  in an unobtrucsive way: The exquisite style, the flavor & thoughtful commitment in services to satisfy our customers to the extreme.

Always associated with simple but elegant style, every time visiting Kimono – you come to an enchanted Oriental space, enjoy the finest taste of Japanese cuisine in a very natural atmosphere with bamboo chairs, wooden tables, hear the sound of water flowing and smell the cinnamon scent. There are always favorite little cozy corners for each and every customer to discover our restaurant.

The first floor is the place for eventful lunchtimes with your colleague, gathering your friends or having fun with family. We serve conveyor belt hot pot, many types of eye- catching sushi and sashimi which made from finest ingredient, imported directly from Japan. Around the full-of-tasty-dishes belt, you can find yourself a private spot to share with kith and kin through our unique way of arranging tables. In the cozy, friendly general space, you still feel the romantic privacy with your family members, enjoying and watching how Kimono’s skilful, expert chefs make food.

While the first floor brings you open and cozy feelings, the second one leads you to luxurious private dining rooms. Retaining the subtle and charming style from Kimono, the second floor not only has formal modern air but also the beauty of classic Orient. It is suitable for all important meetings or business dinners. Food always seems to be an effective method to bring people closer. Everything becomes easier, smoother, just like dishes in Kimono. Together, you and your partners wipe off all the stresses after a hard working day, cheer cups of Japanese aroma wine, and admire the graceful Hanoi street scenery in such a great feast.

Overhead, the top floor is a special place of Kimono, expressed by characteristics of an Eastern land. All the essences of Japanese style are converged and manifested in a deeply and harmonious way. You can feel both “the Zen” and “the Real” atmosphere around every small room which is decorated by bamboo shade, water whispering and the red of maple leaves on door frame. They arouse silent elegant Japan. This floor is the ideal place to perceive the art of traditional Japanese cuisine: When sitting on Tatami mats, eating food on the low wooden table, it’s the time to discover the taste, get drunk on hot Sake. The air is separating but not solitude, it is simplicity besides elegance.

Come to Kimono restaurant to see not only the delicious food but also the harmony of cuisine and culture that we serve you here. Whether it’s your first time or we have been honored to welcome you, we always try to bring you the best. Your pleasure is always the effort for Kimono’s staff to work and to be happy.



52-54 Ly Thuong Kiet St, Hai Ba Trung Ward, Hoan Kiem Dist Hanoi, Vietnam

Tel : 04 3936 7629   |   Fax: 04 3936 8569

Hotline : 0904 1433 69