Hill State – HyunDai RNC

 1. Project Information

HyunDai HillState Ha Dong is Hanoi No.1 residential complex and commercial center project located in the total land area of 4.6 hectares in the administrative center of Ha Dong, Hanoi. This is a large-scale project help to change the face of Ha Dong city, consisting of five luxury high-rise buildings from 27 to 32 floors.This project is expected to completed in 2013, providing 928 luxury apartments, one Center Trade Tower and 100 villas.

2. Investor/Operator

Hill State – HyunDai RNC is invested by the HyunDai Engineering and Construction – The No.1 corporation leading the economic revival in South Korea. The  Woongjin Kukdong JSC is the organization to construct and plan the project. After completing, this project will be distributed and managed by the RDL VINA.

3. Scale

HyunDai Hillstate positioned on the To Hieu Street, Ha Cau Commune, Ha Dong, Ha Noi – one of the most beautiful position of Ha Dong District. Moreover, this project also located near 100ha Sports Park and the lake park located right next to the estate playing an important role as a green lungs for the project.
The project began in 2009 with a total area of ​​4.67 ha and  the total investment of $ 200 million. Expected to be completed in 2014 with two major subdivisions:
1. Hillstate Apartments: including of five blocks from 26 to 32 floors with 928 luxury apartments and one Commercial Center Tower.
2. Villas: including 100 luxury villas

4. Apartments/Villas

This project consists of five blocks named as CT1 to CT5, each one has from 26 to 32 floors and 2 basements.  All buildings is built to obey with the most serious criterion of  construction and design with many most outstanding advantages.
Adapt with variety of customer’s tastes, HyunDai Hillstate apartments varied of seven types of apartments with different areas from 102.79m2 – 168.66m2, with 2-4 bed rooms. Each one has 2-3 open spaces, with modern design, exploit the most the efficiency of use.

5. Utilities

This project adjacent facilities and the administrative center that help to facilitate the life quality of Hillstate’s residents. This project is conducting to match with the relocation plan of the administrative center, including to more modern facilities and public offices and buildings such as museums, press agencies, state agencies, health departments, banks and gyms, etc. These public buildings provide the best services for rest and establishment of community relations
Moreover, Hillstate is harmonious combination of natural environment and equipment to contribute to heighten the value of life.
Hillstate also focused on establishing the series of international class schools that enhances the training quality and build a brighter future dream. There are a lot of prestige schools such as Military Medical University 103, Quang Trung High School, Van Khe Secondary School, Nguyen Hue High School, Dai Nam University, University of Architecture, etc.
The Villas has the most featured luxurious external design in Vietnam, linked to as “European Palace”.  These Villas has equipped fully luxurious sports equipment helping you get the best health.
The project has also been easy to access traffic:
Near People’s Committee of Ha Dong District and the 2rd Ha Noi Police Office
•Adjacent the ME Linh Plaza and Ha Dong Metro
•7km’s distance from National Center Convention.  Conveniently connect with Le Van Luong and the No.3 and No.4 beltways around Hanoi
•Construction of a Cat Linh – Ha Dong railway connecting the new city center with the Old: Van Phu Urban, Van Quan Urban….
•Surrounded by many famous and prestige schools
Sports Park
Gyms and Multi-functional sport center( Yoga, Aerobics)
Golf and Tennis Courts
Clubs,Restaurants,  Bars
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